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Hello, I'm

Doctor Nicola Cann

Sleep Psychologist

I use psychology to help people of all ages to sleep better.
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Dr Nicola Cann Sleep Psychologist
For many adults and children poor sleep can be a chronic problem, leaving you feeling exhausted, frustrated, and alone. Sleep is fundamental to our physical and mental health, and when we're not sleeping well it can feel like everything is falling apart. 
Addressing sleep problems can be life changing
I can help you with:
Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
Establishing good sleep habits
Anxiety related sleep disturbance
Sleep and other conditions such as autism and ADHD
Chronic tiredness and insomnia
Nightmares and night terrors
Sleepwalking and sleeptalking
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By applying psychology to change behaviors and habits, or to reduce anxiety around sleep, even chronic sleep difficulties can be resolved without the need for medication. 

My experience has shown me that not all sleep problems are hard to fix, and not everyone needs therapy. People just need to know what to do and have help to do it. Whether you are an adult worried about your own sleep, a parent concerned about your child's sleep, or a professional or organisation working with people who struggle with sleep, I can provide support that meets your needs in a flexible and bespoke way.

My Approach

TFSC offers a medication-free way to address your sleep problems, using psychologically grounded, evidence-based strategies and approaches.
Working together as a team with my clients is central to my approach. Following a thorough sleep assessment, I provide tailored, evidence-based recommendations  that address the underlying causes of your sleep problem.

By providing support exclusively online we can work together wherever you are in the world and you can have meetings with me from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. 

Sleep Services

I work online with people and organisations around the world. 

Adults and Families:







Testimonials about Dr Cann Sleep Psychologist
  • Nicola always placed the students' needs and situation at the centre of the conversation and was flexible and responsive to each individual which ensured the support was personalised and successful. 

    I can't recommend Nicola highly enough
    Andre, Head of Grade
  • Our only child Tony was about 3 years old when we reached out to Nicola as we were struggling with bedtime which seemed to go on forever and were getting worried that we were all not getting enough sleep as a family. 

    She took the time to get to know our child and our family’s context. She offered a range of solutions and worked with us to select which fit our parenting beliefs and lifestyle best. Her recommendations were easy to implement and turned out to be highly effective.
    Ling and Alex, parents
  • Everything in Nicola's sleep and autism workshop was very relevant. 

    I can't wait to implement the strategies from the workshop to help families with their sleep!
    School Psychologist, Sleep & Autism Workshop
  • Nicola is incredibly patient and tailors her approach and recommendations to your child, family circumstances, and parenting style.

    She also takes a collaborative and empathetic approach to identifying the problem and coming up with solutions with us.
    Vivienne, Parent
  • We really appreciated how Nicola’s advice and recommendations were child-specific and family-specific. She also explains the science and rationale behind her suggested solutions. We felt like equal partners in the whole process.

    We are so grateful. Bedtime is now fun and restful. The whole family gets enough sleep!
    Sarah, Parent
  • I have worked with Nicola for several years in an educational setting, supporting young people with a range of sleep issues. Nicola was a constant source of support to both myself, parents and students. She was always knowledgeable and understanding, which made conversations and approaches to support informative and effective.
    Lee, Teacher
  • I had the pleasure of working with Nicola for over two years. During this time Nicola and I worked on a range of projects: redeveloping our Well Being curriculum, providing professional learning and supporting young people in classroom settings, groups programs and individually. 

    Nicola’s expertise around teenagers sleep and her strength based approach allows her to connect with everyone she interacts with. Her ability to work with young people and their families from a range of backgrounds highlights her culturally responsive perspective.
    Jane, Wellbeing Coordinator
Testimonials about The Family Sleep Consultant

More information

For more information, take a look at the resources page. There is a wealth of information here, all evidence-based and recommended by me. Get started by completing my sleep hygiene questionnaire, and sleep diary, to find out more about your family’s sleep.

Or you can go to my FAQ page to see the answers to some questions I am commonly asked as a sleep psychologist.
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