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the family sleep consultant

About The Family Sleep Consultant

Dr Nicola Cann

DEChPsy, BSc Hons
As someone who has struggled intermittently with sleep since childhood, I know only too well the impact of chronic tiredness. In adulthood I have learnt ways to manage my sleep better, but only after years of being surrounded by good sleepers, who gave well-intentioned but ultimately unhelpful advice. 

I know first hand the frustrations of lying awake for hours watching the clock and desperately trying to sleep.
About Dr Nicolaa Cann Sleep Psychologist
During my years working as a psychologist I have repeatedly worked with families whose existing challenges were made harder by poor sleep. Whilst sleep often wasn’t the primary problem for these families, it was frequently overlooked as a contributing factor to more complex problems. As I started to learn more about the psychology of sleep, and to guide my clients towards sleep work, I increasingly realised what a significant positive impact I could have in this area.

I created TFSC because I am passionate about improving people’s sleep and raising awareness of the importance of sleep for children’s development. I have seen first hand how improving sleep can subsequently lead to many positive outcomes for children and their families and my years of experience have taught me that most sleep problems are treatable.

My unique combination of expertise in psychology and sleep means I can support families to make positive and lasting changes for themselves. You can see more about my credentials below.

Aside from psychology I also love to travel, meet new people, and explore new cultures. TFSC allows me to support families online around the world, and therefore also provides me the flexibility to travel extensively at the same time, combining my two biggest passions.
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Working with me

Addressing sleep problems doesn’t need to be hard. With the right guidance and support, you can gain new skills and knowledge to help your child and family sleep better. I will take time to listen, understand your needs, and work with you to provide direction and strategies that meet the needs of your family. I value the expertise you bring as a parent, and we will work together as a team to create solutions.

My Qualifications and Experience

I’m an educational psychologist registered with the Singapore Psychological Society, the Health and Care Professions Council, and the Association of Educational Psychologists. I hold a doctorate in child and educational psychology from the University of East London, and have undergone further specialist training in sleep.
Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology (DEChPsy)
First Class Honours Degree in Psychology (BSc)
Advanced Paediatric Sleep Practitioner (OCN accredited)
More than 10 years of experience as an Educational Psychologist
More than 20 years of experience working with families and schools
My career has been varied, including work with families, schools and community groups, in the UK, New Zealand and Asia. I have worked extensively with children who face a range of sleep-impacting challenges, including learning difficulties, autism, ADHD, anxiety, and physical disabilities.

I love being a psychologist and am actively involved with the Singapore Psychological Society, as a member of the Research Committee and as a regular contributor to The Psychologist magazine. I am active within the research community and regularly lecture at universities, present at conferences internationally, and deliver training for schools and community organisations.
the family sleep consultant
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