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Getting started

Printed Sleep Sheet

The Sleep Diary

Using a sleep diary for two weeks can help you to spot helpful and unhelpful patterns in your sleep routines so you can decide where to make changes.
Sleep sheet

The Sleep Sheet

See whether your sleep habits are as good as they could be with this simple, one-page checklist for older children, teens and adults.
Link to How Much Sleep Do I Need? Freebie

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Download my free guide to see how much sleep people in different age ranges tend to need.
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Beat the Screen

Worried that too much screen time is impacting your sleep? Download my free Beat the Screen checklist to start improving your bedtime screen habits.

My publications

Click here to find out about sleep tourism in my latest article for The Travel Psychologist.
Read my article on autism and sleep published in Childcare in Practice here.
Read my article on sleep technology in the Singapore Psychologist magazine here.
Hear about my experiences of working as an educational psychologist in Singapore during the pandemic here (pre-publication article, DECP Debate 179, September 2021).
Read my published article on jetlag here.

Click here to see my poster on teen sleep during the pandemic, presented at the 2022 International School Psychologists Association Conference in Belgium. 

Useful Websites

  • The National Sleep Charity provides a wealth of information on sleep for children, parents and professionals.
  • Healthy Sleep is a bank of resources created by the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School. It’s full of short clips on a range of sleep topics.
  • The Sleep Foundation produces short articles on a wide range of issues relating to sleep.
  • The Lullaby Trust provides advice on safe sleep for babies.
  • Kids Health has lots of short articles on common sleep problems for children.
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