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Do you see your students:
Falling asleep in class (micro-naps)?
Seeming tired and irritable?
Struggling to concentrate?
Having difficulty regulating their feelings and behaviours?
These can all be indicators of poor sleep, something that 25-45% of children and adolescents struggle with. 

When students aren’t sleeping well they do less well in school. This is especially true for children with emotional or learning difficulties, who often have unique sleep needs.
As an educational psychologist who has worked with schools for over ten years, I know that working alongside educators to address the sleep needs of school communities can have a huge impact on student wellbeing and learning.
I can offer:
One-to-one assessment and intervention
Support for parents to improve sleep behaviors at home
Advice and guidance for teachers
Evidence-based sleep strategies for students
Teacher workshops on all aspects of sleep

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Referral is easy
If you know a family who would benefit from working with me simply ask them to get in touch or book a free thirty minute consultation below.
If you would like to hear more about how I could work with your school community, get in touch here.


TFSC offers workshops on a range of topics relevant to teachers. Topics vary and can be tailored to specific schools needs. Examples include:

Sleep and anxiety
The role of sleep in learning
How to encourage good sleep habits in students
Teen sleep
If you would like updates on upcoming workshops, register your interest below.
Sleep and Anxiety Supervision Sleep
If you would like to hear more about how I could work with your school community, get in touch here.
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