the family sleep consultant
the family sleep consultant

Sleep Services

Sleep problems can arise for people of all ages and for lots of different reasons.
We will work together so that I can fully understand your needs and tailor my support to match your needs and priorities. 

I can help you to:
Identify and understand what is causing your sleep difficulties
Learn new skills and new ways to address these difficulties
Learn ways to apply these new skills in order to overcome future sleep difficulties
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Free Starter Consultation

Not sure if this is right for you? Book a free 15-minute starter consultation with me so that I can get a sense of your situation and recommend ways we might work together. You can ask any questions you may have and, if it feels right, we will plan further consultations and assessment.
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Initial Consultation

Not every sleep problem is hard to solve. Sometimes a one-off consultation is all that’s required.

During your initial consultation we will talk about the problems you've been having. I will assess your sleep needs, ask you about your goals, and provide feedback and recommendations.

The sleep consultation includes:
One 60 minute consultation
Identification of key sleep needs
Strategies provided verbally and in follow-up email
Cost $180 USD
Sometimes the initial consultation is enough to get you back on track. In which case you will have a range of new strategies to try, and can get back in touch any time for follow-up appointments.

Follow-Up Consultation

If you need more support to get things back on track, we will meet regularly (usually once weekly once or fortnightly) for 50-minute online follow-up consultations to problem-solve and work on new skills.

Follow-up consultations include:

One 50 minute consultation
Review of strategies identified in initial consultation
Review of progress
Cost $150 USD
Feedback, letters or reports for your child's school, your employer, or for other professionals can be provided at an additional cost.

More detailed information on sleep consultations can be found here (FAQs).
Please note that payment can be made in any other currency and will be based on an approximate XE currency conversion rate on the 9th of November 2022.
the family sleep consultant
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