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Training, Consultation and Supervision

Sleep problems have a huge impact on other areas of children’s development, including their learning, and physical and mental health. For any professionals working with children there are opportunities to identify sleep difficulties and intervene early. Knowledge of this key area of development can be highly impactful for children and their families.

Training & Workshops

Teen sleep consulting
TFSC offers bespoke sleep training and consultancy packages for any organisations working with children, such as:
GP services and other health clinics
Voluntary sector organisations
Faith groups
Topics can be adapted to suit the needs of the audience but could include:
The assessment and management of sleep difficulties and insomnia
The impact of good sleep on learning and wellbeing
Psychological approaches to managing poor sleep
How to get teenagers to sleep better
Sleep and autism


Sleep has a huge impact on learning and general wellbeing, and teachers are well placed to educate their students and help them to develop good sleep habits. Given their uniquely challenging working patterns, teachers can often also benefit from sleep advice and coaching. As an educational psychologist I am passionate about working alongside schools to address the sleep needs of the whole school community. 

Ways I work with schools includes:
Consultations with teachers and families
Sleep assessment and coaching for students
Delivering workshops for students, staff and parents
Working with your school community to address sleep needs systemically
Working with your school leaders to design and implement sleep and wellbeing education
If you would like to hear more about how I could work with your school community, get in touch here.


I provide supervision for a range of professionals including psychologists, counsellors and teachers, both in training and fully qualified. My approach is supportive and professional, offering an environment in which you can openly discuss your work and benefit from my extensive experience.
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Contact me through my enquiry form or book a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your supervision needs with me.
the family sleep consultant
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