the family sleep consultant
the family sleep consultant

Services for Families

Sleep problems can arise for children of all ages and for lots of different reasons.
Whatever the nature of the problem, families are fundamental to finding the solutions. We will work together so that I can fully understand your needs and tailor my support for your family. 

Sometimes a one-off consultation is all that’s needed to get things moving, and sometimes more intensive support is required.
I can help you to:
Identify and understand what is causing your child’s sleep difficulties
Learn new skills and new ways to address these difficulties
Learn ways to apply these new skills in order to overcome future sleep difficulties
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Free Starter Consultation

This is the starting point for everyone. From a short consultation I can get a sense of your situation and recommend ways we might work together. You can ask any questions you may have and, if it feels right, we will plan further consultations and assessment.

Book your no-obligation 15 minute consultation with me here.
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The Sleep Consultation

Not every sleep problem is hard to solve. Sometimes a one-off problem solving discussion is all that’s required.

The consultation can include parents, grandparents, other carers, and the child or young person themselves if appropriate.

The sleep consultation includes:
One 60 minute consultation
Identification of key sleep needs
Strategies provided verbally and in follow-up email
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This option gives you a chance to work with me to identify and try out some strategies. The sleep consultation is also the starting point for a full sleep assessment, so if the sleep problems persist or appear more complex than anticipated, we can easily progress to a more comprehensive assessment.

The Sleep Assessment

To fully understand more complex sleep difficulties it is important to do a thorough assessment. The sleep assessment is for children of all ages and will include a range of assessment tools such as sleep diaries and questionnaires. 

The following are always included in the sleep assessment:

Two 45 minute consultations
A comprehensive assessment of sleep needs
30 minute feedback meeting
Sleep Plan with personalised recommendations
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Feedback, letters or reports for your child's school or for other professionals can be provided at an additional cost.

More detailed information on the sleep assessment can be found here (FAQs).

Sleep Coaching

Fully understanding your child’s sleep difficulty is very useful, but helping them to develop better sleep habits can take time and effort. For more complex sleep difficulties, particularly those relating to anxiety, a more targeted approach is often required. Through coaching we can regularly check-in so that I can guide you and problem solve with you until your child’s sleep problems are resolved. Typically this will take six to eight sessions but this will vary depending on your needs. Coaching sessions will usually include aspects of CBT, relaxation, and psychoeducation on sleep hygiene. All of these approaches have specifically been found to help with poor sleep.
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Coaching sessions can be booked individually, or in blocks of three or six. Sessions are always charged individually to allow for maximum flexibility.

Parent Groups & Workshops

Sharing experiences with others can be a great way to learn strategies and feel less isolated. TFSC offers a range of parent groups and online pre-recorded webinars on common sleep related topics, providing practical solutions to common sleep problems. Examples of topics covered include:
Sleep hygiene - getting the basics right
Teen sleep: help your teen get better sleep
Sleep and school: How sleep helps us learn
Sign up below for updates on upcoming workshops and new resources. 

Payment Policy

You will be invoiced when you book an appointment. Appointments are confirmed once payment is made. Please note that payment must be received at least 24 hours before the appointment time in order to secure the booking. 

Singapore payments should be made by bank transfer to DBS account number 885-074-183-915.

UK payments should be made by bank transfer to Wise, account number 4966 2165, sort code 23-14-70.

For more information please see TFSC Business Terms.
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